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Do you love Racing Games? If so then this premium .com domain name might present you with an ideal business opportunity. 

SportsKarts is the ideal home for a 2D or 3D kart racing game.

Personally I prefer to build my games from the ground up. Even if I’m going to use a template/starter kit from the asset store, I think it still makes sense to first build a racing game by hand.

The best resource for learning Unity and C# (in my humble opinion) is Udemy. I usually wait for a sale (they regularly have their courses at a discounted price). I then search for the highest rated courses that will show me how to build a game similar to the one I want to build.

Here is a Udemy course that will show you how to build a kart racing game:
Build A Multiplayer Kart Racing Game in Unity (Penny is an excellent instructor and one of my favorite instructors on Udemy)

If you do a search in the unity asset store you will find many ready to use Kart assets. When you buy an asset you also buy a royalty free license to use the asset/assets in your own game (make sure to read and understand the licenses for the assets that you purchase/use). Prebuilt assets will speed up your development work immensely, and allow you to design, develop, build and release games even if you aren’t an artist or a programmer.
You can also search for racing in the Unity asset store which will bring up various racing assets.
The Unity Asset Store occasionally has sales events (but not nearly as often as Udemy). The sales are for different assets so you just don’t know when/if the assets you want will go on sale.

Personally I like Mini Car Race Creator for building a game for
If you prefer a 2D TopDown Racer Ultimate 2D Car Game Kit is also great.
I own both these assets and I had a lot of fun playing with them, and customizing them.

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