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Do you love Racing and Shooting Games?
If so then this premium .com domain name might present you with an ideal business opportunity. 

WarKart is the ideal home for a 3D kart shooting/racing game.

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Here is a hover racing/shooting game that will show you what to aim for. You could even customize this template and turn the hover racers into war karts.

Here are some really nice War Karts / Battle Cars for inspiration.

If you prefer to build your games from the ground up, here are Udemy courses that might help.

Build A Multiplayer Kart Racing Game in Unity (Penny is an excellent instructor and one of my favorite instructors on Udemy)

Another great Udemy course (Romi is an awesome instructor) that will show you how to Create a Rail Shooter Game with Unity

If you can combine the game mechanics of a kart racer with the game mechanics of a rail shooter, you might just have built yourself a WarKart!

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